The market size of the wire harness industry will exceed 100 billion yuan, and domestic substitution

2023-08-01 16:13:24

If a car is compared to a living organism, then the wiring harness inside the car is the nerves and blood vessels of the car. The car wiring harness is an important component of the car, carrying the transmission of car power and signals.

Classification of Automotive Wiring Harnesses

According to the voltage division, the vehicle line speed can be divided into high voltage harness and low voltage harness. The voltage of the high voltage harness is 300V and above, which is mainly used for driving power transmission of new energy vehicles. The voltage of the low voltage harness is below 60V, and the general vehicle voltage is 12V, which is mainly used for signal transmission of the whole vehicle. According to composition, automotive wiring harnesses can be divided into engine wiring harnesses, instrument wiring harnesses, lighting wiring harnesses, air conditioning wiring harnesses, and auxiliary electrical wiring harnesses.

According to standards, automotive wiring harnesses are classified into national standards, Japanese standards, German standards, American standards, etc. The German Standard is the abbreviation of the German Industrial Standard, mainly including DIN72550, DIN72551, and DIN76772. German standard wires have thin insulation and good flexibility. Due to the historical particularity of China's automobile industry, the main reference for various automobile companies in China is still German standards.

According to their usage, they can be divided into ordinary wires, twisted pair wires, and shielded wires. The principle of twisted pair is that if the interference generated by external electromagnetic signals on two wires is equal in magnitude and opposite in phase, the interference signals will cancel out each other. Twisted pair is the simplest way to eliminate interference. In some cases where the requirements are not very strict, twisted pair can be used, but in important places such as airbag sensor circuits, shielded wires are required.

The market size of the wiring harness industry will exceed 100 billion yuan

The popularization of new energy, the increase in the value of wire harness bicycles, and the market size will exceed hundreds of billions. In terms of wiring harness prices, traditional fuel vehicles mainly carry low-voltage wiring harnesses. The average price of wire harnesses in low-end cars, mid-range cars, and high-end cars is around 2500 yuan, 3500 yuan, and 5000 yuan respectively; Due to the new high-voltage harness for Alternative fuel vehicle, the current average price of the harness is about 5000 yuan.

New energy vehicle connectors have broad long-term incremental space. The cost of connectors used in foreign vehicles is approximately $125 to $150, while the average cost of connectors used in domestic vehicles is only a few hundred yuan. With the development of new energy vehicles in China, there is still significant room for growth in the Chinese automotive connector market. It is expected that in the future, the market size will continue to grow due to the continuous development of new energy vehicles. The market size of new energy vehicle connectors will reach 9.8 billion yuan in 2021 and 48.4 billion yuan in 2025.

High concentration in the wiring harness industry, with domestic substitution becoming a trend

A small number of foreign-funded and joint venture automotive wiring harness enterprises have long occupied the vast majority of the market share, forming an oligopolistic competition situation in the automotive wiring harness industry, mainly represented by well-known automotive component enterprises and their joint venture manufacturers such as Lenny, DeCosmir, and Kolop from Germany, Yazaki, Sumitomo Electric, Kogawa, Fujikura from Japan, and Lear, Amboff from the United States. In 2021, the global automotive wiring harness industry has a CR3 of 71%, with the top three being Yazaki, Sumitomo, and Ambofu.

In terms of the domestic market, most large independent brand car factories have stable supporting facilities

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